Tuesday, April 30

Pajamas and Other Stuff

     Ok, I have to ask... Where do you keep your pajamas? Now I don't mean when they are clean and in a drawer, I mean after you wake up and change into clothes where do your pajamas go?
     I have always had the same philosophy for pajama wearing and storing. Every morning you make the bed and place them neatly folded behind your pillow. They are worn for three nights then declared "dirty" and put in the hamper. I do this because no one wants to see pajamas strew about everywhere when the rest of the room is so nice and clean and how else are you to remember which pajamas you're in the process of wearing and getting "dirty"? Now, Jon apparently did not grow up believing the same about pajamas because every night he has to do some searching around.
     "Babe, I don't know where my sweats are! I left them right here on the floor and now they're gone!"
     "Look behind your pillow babe."
     (and then the next night)
     "Gah! My sweats are gone again! I left them right here spread out on the chair so I could find them and now they're missing!"
     "Honey, where do we always put our pajamas?"
     "I don't know...in the hamper?"
     "Nope. Under the pillow. *sweet smile*"
     (and then the next night, the one time he looks behind his pillow...)
     "Aha! See, Babe, I'm learning! My sweats are............ Noooooooo! Seriously?! Love, where are my pajamas?! I looked behind my pillow and they're not there!"
     "Oh, sorry Babe, its the third day so I'm washing them!"

     I feel so bad for him! Lol, it's an old habit for me so I don't even think about where my pajamas are cause I just know. Jon keeps asking, "Who does that? Who hides their spouses pajamas every night?!" We laugh cause it's one of those funny things that you don't know about a person 'til you get married. And boy there quite a few surprises! ;) So, here's a list of the top ten things (not in any particular order) everybody forgets to tell you about marriage.
  1. There's always a cover hog, so you better hog or be hogged!
  2. Momentos are a serious thing and not to be thrown away. (Oops!)
  3. You will do something the other one doesn't like.
  4. Prepare for the day you get peed on. (It happens! On purpose, too.)
  5. You'll be watching Sons of Anarchy and Downton Abbey.
  6. There will be sleep talking... and walking... and other interesting things... ;)
  7. The best way for something to be read is to leave it in the bathroom
  8. There's probably a spender and a saver. (Spenders - It might help if you ask your spouse for their opinion. Savers - Say yes more. Spontaneity makes the memories.)
  9. Normal is good.
  10. Morning breath is real.
     Live. Laugh. Love.

(Oh, and apparently I'm the loudest chewer in the world.)

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