Saturday, June 29

Let's Catch Up...

     I'm such a morning person! ...Or I am as long as I wake up at ten. ;) I got up in time to look out our thirty story window and see the sun wishing away the dreary clouds of yesterday. The soft beams of light made it through the window to wrap me in a hug. I turned on some quiet music and began baking. I don't know what it is about fresh streusel coffee cake sending wafts of heaven across a house, but it inevitably lifts my soul.
     I'm twenty one now and feel incredibly adult as I sit here and write, but I am also aware of all that I don't know. It's amazing how many new thoughts come even after years of life. You would think everything "new" would be exhausted by now, that everything that could have been thought of or invented or felt would be old news, but we serve a great and glorious God and His thoughts are never exhausted.
    Anyway, my birthday week was fantastic! We spent most of it up in the mountains in a cabin with my family. We went fishing and hiking, ate and ate and ate, played games, and caught up since we haven't seen them since Christmas. On my actual birthday sweet Jon kept disappearing into the closet and bring out birthday gifts throughout the day. (He knows how to make everything super special :) And later in the afternoon we went shopping and ate dinner twice. (That's Jon and I's specialty. We always eat somewhere then go to Wing Stop to eat again lol.) Then we hung out an old arcade with all the pinball, Pac-Man, skeeball, and old games you can think of, they also have life size Jenga!
     I am so blessed to have the family, friends, and husband that I do. They make life so much sweeter and I don't know what I'd do without them. I can't wait to see what this next year brings!

Happy Saturday Everyone! :)
Live. Laugh. Love.

Sunday, June 16

A Tribute To My Dad

     "Whoa there, slow down! You don't have to drive the speed limit on your first day! Brianna, Bri-whoa, watch that, slow down... Watch that mailbox! Ok, I think we're good, go ahead and pull over. Brianna, pull oooveer!"
     "What!? I wasn't even going any faster than the speed limit! I've driven the lawn mower for years! I totally know how to drive..." *wink, wink*

     Happy Father's Day to fathers all around the world today! As everyone celebrates these special men, I just want to say... what would we do without them? I know I would never have become the person I am today with my daddy. He is such an inspiration and example to me and I know I don't say thank you enough. Growing up, you sometimes don't see all the little sacrifices that are made, but looking back I can see clearly now what I missed before. God has given me the perfect dad, not that he is perfect, but God knew what father would be best for me and for that gift I am eternally grateful!
     From teaching me to ride a bike, drive, work hard, love people, problem solve, achieve goals, dream, pursue, be alert in my surroundings, laugh, respect myself, and live with integrity my dad has always been there for me since the beginning.
     Haha, I remember growing up he used to always sneak in an ice cold Coke from the garage after working in the yard all day on Saturdays. Occasionally one of us would walk by and hear a quiet but distinct, "Psshtt, plink!" of a Coke being opened and we'd burst through the garage door to catch him in the act. He would always give us his you-caught-me-I'm-guilty laugh and then give us a sip even though it wasn't "Coke day". He also used to invite me to watch movies with him until the wee hours of the morning and I loved being "flown" to bed as a little girl.
     Dad, you've always work hard for our family and loved each of us for who we are. You are such a great example to each and every one of your children. Thank you for your smile, laugh, determination, love, encouragement, and support. I know having a big family must be tiring at times, but you've never let that show. Thanks for being my super dad! Happy Father's Day! I love you. :)

Thursday, June 13

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

     Whew! I just walked back from the post office and I'm finally catching my first breath in like a week! Ever since I started working from home it's been work, working, workinger, and workingest, with a little unpacking, of course.
     Jon has been working his butt off too, it's been late nights for him all week so far, but next week it will all be worth it cause we are going away on a little birthday trip for me! I'm turning 21! Some days I thought I'd never get here and on other days years have flown by in minutes.
     I've been thinking back on "little me" and her hopes and dreams and aspirations for life. She used to want to live on a ranch and raise a couple of horses, then she wanted to be a fiction writer, next was a professional portrait photographer, then an NCIS agent, and finally a teacher or counselor. Now, I'm "big me" and I live a beautiful life with my amazing husband in a sky rise condo. I'm going to school this fall to be a counselor and sometimes I still think I could be a badass NCIS agent (but only a little bit, like after I watch TV... lol!).
     It's just so amazing to me how people grow and change and adjust in every new stage in life. It takes guts to become someone, do something, and not just float by. And it takes work to figure out your dreams, search them out, and go after them. I didn't become everything that I dreamed as a little kid, but I know something in each of those areas.
     I was there when my neighbor's filly was born and spent over a year saddle training her and breaking her in. I aced every english/writing class I could get my hands on and I've written a few mini stories as well as some poetry and the beginnings of larger books. I've taken photography classes and even started a freelance business called MariePhotography, and I still do freelance work occasionally. I never got around to the agent business but I do know where every lost item is in this house and I hope one day I'll be able to whoop somebody and throw 'em down to the ground! (Oh, what a sight that will be since I'm only five feet tall!) I'm also now an incredible cook (or so I've heard) and I'm pretty good at organizing things. So, no, I didn't become everything I had dreamed as a child but, who knows, maybe each of those things will come in handy one day!
     And as I look forward to "ancient me" I see exciting things in my future still! I want to get a degree in counseling, have four children, and odyssey through Europe. I believe it's good to dream, to look forward to life, recognize good gifts when they are given, and strive for bigger and better things. I guess you can say I'm a visionary of sorts and well, honestly, I hope I'll always be that way. Here's to life and 21!

     Live. Laugh. Love.

Saturday, June 1

At A Loss For Words

     This morning I woke up and was at a loss for words. Literally... I went to bed with a horrible sore throat and woke up with no voice. Oh, dear me, it has been terribly quiet all day since I haven't been able to talk to myself. I've also felt incredibly rude because on the elevator ride to the mailbox this lady asked me, "How's your day going?". I just nodded and smiled, then looked away and the rest of the 30 story elevator ride was incredibly awkward. Then I made a trip up to the laundry room and shared the elevator with a family of four.
     "Hi, how are you?"
     I nodded and smiled.
     "Havin' a good day? You got any fun plans for the weekend?"
     I smiled, nodded, pointed to my throat in an attempt to tell them I was slightly sick and had lost my voice.
     The dad then said, "Oh are you...? Aaahh." I nodded and smiled, assuming he had understood my message, but apparently he understood it a little too well cause when I looked away the guy said, "Kids, now don't stare, but that lady over there is deaf meaning she can't hear or talk. So if she looks at you just smile."
     What?! I thought as I looked up at them all. They were smiling, all of them, the kids even had grins plastered on their faces. And horror of horrors they live on our floor! So, I will probably be seeing them again very soon... Hahaha! :)
     Oh, the joys of life!

Live. Laugh. Love.