Wednesday, April 17

Steak Dinners and A New Car

     Whew, last week was a crazy one! Work was insane for both of us, Jon smoked which caused me to burst into tears (like 3 times), and he also got sick the other night. (Poor guy. I was trying to be sweet but somehow all I could get out was, "In the trash can! In the trash can!") It was just one of those weeks where everything was stressful and emotional and well... blah. It always amazes me how life can be going so great and then slowly slip over onto the down hill side of a roller coaster. Everyone is throwing their hands up, screaming, throwing up, and can't decide whether they're having a great time or just want to off themselves.
     But through this past week, I've come to realize that without the "down hill side" there's no story to tell. And no stories means no life, no lessons, no love, no anything really. The crazy days are the relatable ones, the times that bring people together. :) They make you plop down and say, "Woooow."
     Jon and I have a remedy for the "blah days". We make our favorite dinner of steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans, then sit by a fire during the winter and on the patio in the summer, sip wine, and just talk. We let all the feelings and stories and "oh yeahs" spill out over one another. And in the end we feel closer and a little more sane.
     So, this week has been way better as we are back to our typical happy, fun-loving selves. :) We are looking for another car and might have found one but it's not exactly our style. It is an old Lincoln "boat car" and wouldn't exactly be the showiest of vehicles, so we were debating about who would be less embarrassed by taking it to work. We were both willing to drive it as long as the other one said they would drive it as a sacrifice. "Ok Babe, I'll drive it so you don't have to be embarrassed in front of everyone at work." "Oh you're so sweet! Cause I am not going to be caught dead in that car!" "What?! Then I don't want to drive it anymore." "I was just kidding! I'll totally drive it so you don't have to. I'll take the crappy car." "Oh you're the best! You're too sweet, I didn't really want to drive it anyways." And so on and so forth.
     Lol, this morning we kept laughing about how many amazing stories we'll have if we end up getting this car. We were fantasizing about showing it off to our friends for the first time...

     "Oh, Blah-Blah and So-And-So, we had such a wonderful time hanging out with you guys! We should definitely go to dinner again sometime!"
     "For sure, we would love too! Do you guys want to go get some coffee before we part ways?"
     "Coffee sounds great! We can all ride in our car if you want."
     (Party of four leaves the restaurant and as we approach our new car Jon says...)
     "Oh my God! Somebody stole our car and left us with this piece of crap! I don't have any keys for this car! (Checks key ring) Scoundrels! They even swapped out my keys!"

     It's the little things. ;)

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