Friday, March 29

All In a Day's Word - Part 2

     Who here has ever been hurt by what other people have said or can remember a time when you said something you regretted to a friend? Everyone has, right? Sometimes I can't believe how easily words fly out of my mouth. I say things I don't mean but those words are there forever, living on in history and memory.
     In every family you have the clean freaks and the not-so-clean freaks. Let's be honest...some of us can't get into bed at night if it hasn't been made up yet and will not ever get in until all the popcorn kernels and wrinkles have been rooted out. And then there are some that are not bothered at all by the bed and if the house gets clean then great, but if not then the lived-in look is also great. The clean freaks have always wondered how it can be so easy for us to walk the five more steps to the hamper, while for everyone else it's like a lava pit is forever between them and the dirty clothes pile, forbidding any access!
     Well I'm the clean freak and Jon is the not-so-clean freak so we balance each other out quite well. ;) It would be easy for me to get upset (and I definitely do sometimes get upset) because he doesn't function the way I do. But first of all I don't really see how I could be upset for long when he looks at me with his winsome smile and blue eyes, and second I make it a point to appreciate the things he does do for me. He makes up the bed, cleans the kitchen with me, our car is always clean, and he picks up his dirty clothes from the bathroom floor. Wow, I appreciate those things!
     Jon is definitely the more easy going of the two of us and I can never top his sweet gestures, but I do make it a point to acknowledge the things he does for me. As a couple, as a family and as best friends, we've seen time and again how important it is that we feel loved, appreciated, and supported. We've entrusted each other with our hearts and we've got to be careful not to trample any flame, but kindle the sparks.
     When you're close to someone, you know what hurts them and you know what love looks like to them. I've personally witnessed how people will rise or fall to meet your expectations, cause you have the power to build them up or break them down. The words we speak to someone help mold them into the person they are. It takes a stronger man to point out the good that you see instead of focusing on the negative. Life can be tiring so why not give someone a breath of fresh air? A compliment, something you appreciate about someone, a quick thanks... At least once a day when you have a chance to complain this week, make a conscious effort to build someone up instead and see if there's a difference in the way you both feel!

     Live. Laugh. Love.

Friday, March 22

All In a Day's Word - Part 1

News Flash! Top Stories Now!
"The other day the Energizer Bunny got arrested; he was charged with battery. Also, a soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper spray has now become a seasoned veteran. We had an interview with a man who's addicted to brake fluid; he assures us he can stop at anytime. Lastly, we know now how Moses makes his tea, Hebrews it. Today's news update is brought to you by Thanks, and be sure to tune in next time!"

Ghastly Grammar
Two, To, Too - I'll, Aisle - Bald, Balled, Bawled - Scents, Cents, Sense - Knot, Not - Pour, Poor, Pore - Toed, Toad, Towed - Where, Wear, Ware - Fore, For, Fore - Chord, Cored - Buy, By, Bye

     Oh, what a wonderful world vocabulary is. :) Words are incredibly important in our culture and involved in everything. It's a way to describe how we feel and list off what to buy at the grocery store. It's how we enjoy each other's company and create stories and memories. We use words to teach children history in school and to tell a friend how to bake a new recipe. But words are also life and death. We have power in our words!
     I want you to go to a mirror right now and say to your reflection, "You sound so stupid." Lol, ok so now you feel stupid right? Well hopefully you don't tell yourself that very often, but we do tell ourselves other things everyday. I've noticed that I get slightly depressed when I stand in front of a mirror too long because I start feeding myself lies. There's I'm too skinny and my hair is bleh, I wish I was taller or had a smoother complexion. Maybe we wish we were wittier, funnier, or not so much of a worry-wart. But whatever it is when we say these things to ourselves we start putting that part of us to death almost.
     We end up believing the lies we told ourselves and we become captive to these opinions. Who wants to be captive to a lie that has no place in our minds? Entrapping us into believing that God didn't make us perfect or that we have no positive abilities? That is so frustrating and humiliating and utterly depressing! For me, my whole outlook on life changes and I become sensitive and whiny and just an overall 24/7 PMS wreck, pretty much!

     Imagine what it would feel like to live free! How would you feel if you only told yourself positive things? I challenge you and I to one week of encouragement. When you look in the mirror tell yourself positive truths and encouragements and see how different you feel! When you feel a lie coming on stop and think of a truth and tell yourself that instead.
     Let's live free. 

Wednesday, March 13

The Way I See It

     Does anyone else ever get overwhelmed by all the things you have to do at one time? Well, I do! There's work and laundry, keeping up with the bills, cooking, cleaning, photography, errands, reading, blogging, etc. Not to mention all the things I dream about having the time to do like scrapbooking, shopping, DIY, journaling, writing letters, Facetime, and more. There's just not enough time to do it all!
     This past weekend Jon's sweet great-grandmother passed away and we went to New Mexico for the funeral. It was sad, of course, but she lived to be 97 and was as sharp as a tack up until the very end. She and great-grandad left behind a wonderful family and an incredible legacy, so it was good to celebrate her full life. When we got back it seemed everything had piled up while we were gone and I got to the point where I didn't want to do anything but take a nap. I just felt so overwhelmed and discouraged that I didn't have time to finish anything! I literally only had time to wake up late for work, go to work, and eat leftovers for dinner. So, what did I do with the rest of my time? I have no idea! I'm guessing I went into La-la Land Mode...? (La-la Land Mode is when in your head you sing "Clean up, clean up! Everybody do your share! Clean up, clean up! Everybody everywhere!" when in reality you're sitting in bed monotonously chewing on chips.)
     So, while trying to sleep last night I started thinking about a conversation Jon and I had the other day. I had mentioned that I thought I needed to go to the eye doctor because my right eye always feels tired and makes me see spots everyonce in a while and then I said, "Oh my God, I'm going B.L.I.N.D.!!! Babe what am I going to do, I won't be able to see *hyperventaliating breath* and I'll never be able to look into your eyes again *more heavy breathing!* and I won't see our kids *on the verge of freaking out* Aaahhahhh Babe I'm freaking out!!!"
"Wait, but you're not even going blind."
"Oh yeah, I forgot... Anyway, that would totally be tragic, huh?"
"Yeah it would. But we'd survive... and I'd take care of you, of course." :)
     And he would. I have no doubt my dear Jon would lovingly be there to help me in any and every way he could. But in reality I'm not going blind and just for kicks we planned out what we would do if that ever happened.
     All joking aside, the way I see it is that life could be a lot worse. I've determined that anytime I get overwhelmed I'm going to think about going blind, Jon's kisses, and sour gummy octopuses cause I always feel better after each of those things.
     What helps you turn your day around?

Monday, March 4

It's Home

     "Home [isn't] a set house, or a single town on a map. It [is] wherever the people who [love] you [are], whenever you [are] together. Not a place, but a moment, and then another, building on each other like bricks to create a solid shelter that you take with you for your entire life, wherever you may go."
~ Sarah Dessen     

     While living in a basement I've had time to ponder what exactly is a "home". It's obviously not a house cause those come and go but really it's love, safety, a person/people. It's a place for honesty and support, laughter, and a shoulder for when the storms hit.
     I sometimes get grumpy when I think about not having a place of my own, but I've come to grips with the fact that even though I don't have a house (yet) I DO have a home. And I have freedom to be me in my "home". For example, I don't remember being a super inquisitive child growing up cause I just knew stuff. I don't know how I knew, I just knew. And if I knew that I knew what I knew then how was I to know that there were things in life that I didn't know that I knew. You following me? Anyway, not being quizzical during childhood has led me to be an asker of all questions. (Kind of like a jack of all trades, but different) And most of my genius comes in the quiet, dead of night, right before the heavy snoring kicks in...
     "Babe... Babe, I have to know something..."Mmmmkay, huh what is it?" "Are suppositories real? Like can they really do that?" "What?! Seriously, that's what you've been thinking about all night?" "Haha yes, someone once told me doctors could do that if you don't take your medicine and I have to know if it's true or not... I don't remember how I started thinking about that...but anyway, Babe, is it true?" "Haha yes it's true! Where do you come up with this stuff?! Haha I can't believe that this is what keeps you up at night!" "I know I can't believe it either! But I just had to know so, that's it. Goodnight!"
     And after that my brain is happy and I can go to sleep. But the important thing is that Jon loves my questions and I have a safe home to ask them in, I have a place to be me. We can talk, share, ask questions, be weird, sing funny songs, and pick out our zombie apocalypse teams without being judged, but supported and respected and loved.
     And while I would still love a house to move my home into, I can appreciate what I have right here and now. :)
     So who/what makes your house a home?

Here's our "for now" home. :)