Tuesday, April 30

Pajamas and Other Stuff

     Ok, I have to ask... Where do you keep your pajamas? Now I don't mean when they are clean and in a drawer, I mean after you wake up and change into clothes where do your pajamas go?
     I have always had the same philosophy for pajama wearing and storing. Every morning you make the bed and place them neatly folded behind your pillow. They are worn for three nights then declared "dirty" and put in the hamper. I do this because no one wants to see pajamas strew about everywhere when the rest of the room is so nice and clean and how else are you to remember which pajamas you're in the process of wearing and getting "dirty"? Now, Jon apparently did not grow up believing the same about pajamas because every night he has to do some searching around.
     "Babe, I don't know where my sweats are! I left them right here on the floor and now they're gone!"
     "Look behind your pillow babe."
     (and then the next night)
     "Gah! My sweats are gone again! I left them right here spread out on the chair so I could find them and now they're missing!"
     "Honey, where do we always put our pajamas?"
     "I don't know...in the hamper?"
     "Nope. Under the pillow. *sweet smile*"
     (and then the next night, the one time he looks behind his pillow...)
     "Aha! See, Babe, I'm learning! My sweats are............ Noooooooo! Seriously?! Love, where are my pajamas?! I looked behind my pillow and they're not there!"
     "Oh, sorry Babe, its the third day so I'm washing them!"

     I feel so bad for him! Lol, it's an old habit for me so I don't even think about where my pajamas are cause I just know. Jon keeps asking, "Who does that? Who hides their spouses pajamas every night?!" We laugh cause it's one of those funny things that you don't know about a person 'til you get married. And boy there quite a few surprises! ;) So, here's a list of the top ten things (not in any particular order) everybody forgets to tell you about marriage.
  1. There's always a cover hog, so you better hog or be hogged!
  2. Momentos are a serious thing and not to be thrown away. (Oops!)
  3. You will do something the other one doesn't like.
  4. Prepare for the day you get peed on. (It happens! On purpose, too.)
  5. You'll be watching Sons of Anarchy and Downton Abbey.
  6. There will be sleep talking... and walking... and other interesting things... ;)
  7. The best way for something to be read is to leave it in the bathroom
  8. There's probably a spender and a saver. (Spenders - It might help if you ask your spouse for their opinion. Savers - Say yes more. Spontaneity makes the memories.)
  9. Normal is good.
  10. Morning breath is real.
     Live. Laugh. Love.

(Oh, and apparently I'm the loudest chewer in the world.)

Friday, April 26

Car Jinxed

     It's official! We've got the car jinx... Ever since our move to Colorado there has been car problem after car problem. First, our only car broke down after hitting a ginormous pothole. Second, the truck we borrowed broke down...twice in the week before we were going to give it back. Then, we finally bought our very own used-but-new-to-us car and we thought, "Problem solved! No more car troubles for us!" But oh no, my friend, let me tell you we were anything but right!
     Last night I had decided to take Jon out for a night on the town. We had a great time at dinner and then started home on our usual route. We were cruising down the highway with our spirits high when, "What's that noise?" No, it was not our pretend dog barfing in the backseat, but a tire blowout! Jon steered us to the side of the road and got out to check the damage. The tire was shredded.
     Now it was about 8:30 at night, we had pulled over just before an exit so we didn't have very much room to move about, our car apparently had no jack, and I had to go to the bathroom. So, we walked. And tried to Google a store that sold car jacks that was open this late at night. (Their weren't any but we didn't know that yet.) So, we walked...
     And made it to a gas station. I used the facilities, Jon bought sunflower seeds, but they had no jacks.
     So, we walked...and got piggy back rides cause I was wearing heels...
     And made it to an Auto Zone but they were closed!
     So, we walked...and spit seeds...
     And made it to Target. I bought some better walking shoes, but again they didn't have any car jacks.
     So, we walked...and laughed...
     We didn't want to spend a hundred and some odd dollars on a tow truck, we just needed a jack! We were getting desperate so we found a Home Depot (they sell car stuff, right? Yeah! No.) We bought a Coke instead.
     So, we walked...and sang songs...
     And found a Wal-Mart! We finally found the car jack and started the trek back to the car.
     So...we walked!

     Finally we got back to our car but *pump, pump, pump* the jack didn't work. A Good Samaritan stopped and offered to help, he even had a car jack!, but the guys found out that we didn't have the key to unlock the spare tire. Boy, we were really laughing by this point! It was going to be such a great story! We walked forever to buy a jack and ended up having to call a tow truck anyways. While we waited we ate chocolate and drank Coke, promising to have many more adventures together. (And I'm sure we will!)
     It's the adventure in life that keeps love young. :)
     Live. Laugh. Love.

     P.S. This morning we got up and went outside to see about our dilemma. Well wonder of wonders we had a car jack and the tire key all along! All things happen for a reason, I guess. ;)

Monday, April 22

A Quick Thought From An Omelette Wife

     I've always dreamed of being an "omelette wife". It's kind of like being a "Kool-Aid Mom" but with a different scenario.
     On Sunday Jon had to go to work but my poor man was so tired from working (literally) all hours of the past few nights/mornings working on a project for his company. Anyway, the alarm went off and his arm slid out of bed to hit snooze...and then hit snooze again...and again. On the last snooze he looked at me and said, "Don't let me fall back asleep. I have to get up..."
     We got up and he went to get ready and I decided to make him an on-the-go breakfast! Revolutionary, right?! So, on Sunday, April 21st, 2013 I made my first omelette. :) As I was piling on the cheese, bacon, and green chile it hit me, "I am a wife. I am married. I have a husband... I'm MARRIED! Whoohooooo!"

     We've been married ten months, three weeks, and six days and I still think Jon is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I still rush downtown at the chance to hang out with him. We talk about raising kids in the far future. We go on adventures to hippie towns that we don't even really like. And we eat ice cream and popcorn in bed. Our friendship takes commitment, our marriage takes sacrifice and honesty but it's so worth it!
     I'm glad I get to be an omelette wife that sends her husband off to work with a warm breakfast in his hands and a kiss at the window.

     Live. Laugh. Love.

Wednesday, April 17

Steak Dinners and A New Car

     Whew, last week was a crazy one! Work was insane for both of us, Jon smoked which caused me to burst into tears (like 3 times), and he also got sick the other night. (Poor guy. I was trying to be sweet but somehow all I could get out was, "In the trash can! In the trash can!") It was just one of those weeks where everything was stressful and emotional and well... blah. It always amazes me how life can be going so great and then slowly slip over onto the down hill side of a roller coaster. Everyone is throwing their hands up, screaming, throwing up, and can't decide whether they're having a great time or just want to off themselves.
     But through this past week, I've come to realize that without the "down hill side" there's no story to tell. And no stories means no life, no lessons, no love, no anything really. The crazy days are the relatable ones, the times that bring people together. :) They make you plop down and say, "Woooow."
     Jon and I have a remedy for the "blah days". We make our favorite dinner of steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans, then sit by a fire during the winter and on the patio in the summer, sip wine, and just talk. We let all the feelings and stories and "oh yeahs" spill out over one another. And in the end we feel closer and a little more sane.
     So, this week has been way better as we are back to our typical happy, fun-loving selves. :) We are looking for another car and might have found one but it's not exactly our style. It is an old Lincoln "boat car" and wouldn't exactly be the showiest of vehicles, so we were debating about who would be less embarrassed by taking it to work. We were both willing to drive it as long as the other one said they would drive it as a sacrifice. "Ok Babe, I'll drive it so you don't have to be embarrassed in front of everyone at work." "Oh you're so sweet! Cause I am not going to be caught dead in that car!" "What?! Then I don't want to drive it anymore." "I was just kidding! I'll totally drive it so you don't have to. I'll take the crappy car." "Oh you're the best! You're too sweet, I didn't really want to drive it anyways." And so on and so forth.
     Lol, this morning we kept laughing about how many amazing stories we'll have if we end up getting this car. We were fantasizing about showing it off to our friends for the first time...

     "Oh, Blah-Blah and So-And-So, we had such a wonderful time hanging out with you guys! We should definitely go to dinner again sometime!"
     "For sure, we would love too! Do you guys want to go get some coffee before we part ways?"
     "Coffee sounds great! We can all ride in our car if you want."
     (Party of four leaves the restaurant and as we approach our new car Jon says...)
     "Oh my God! Somebody stole our car and left us with this piece of crap! I don't have any keys for this car! (Checks key ring) Scoundrels! They even swapped out my keys!"

     It's the little things. ;)

Sunday, April 7

The Rules of Engagement

     Earlier this week I got a text from my mom that said, "Question for you. If you could only have two rules for your life what would they be?..." (Note: I love my mom! She comes up with the greatest thought provoking questions!) Anyway, I knew right away what my answer was so I texted back, "1) Don't be stupid. And 2) Treat people the way you want to be treated."
     My definition of stupid is "Doing what you want even though you know you shouldn't." I'm sure we've all been stupid at one point or another and everyone knows stupid doesn't end well, so it's a rule I truly try to live by. And rule number 2 well that one is pretty self-explanitory but I believe it's super important so I make it a priority. The rest of my family was asked the same question and here's what they came up with.
  • Courtney (7) - The Fruit of the Spirit
  • Bridget (9) - Give me all your candy
  • Harrison (13) - He can get whatever he wants, when he wants, for free
  • Jocelyn (15) - Only my rules apply
  • Addison (16) - Only he can make/change the rules, He gets 1% of everyone's income
  • Camille (18) - Keep your commitments, Don't take life for granted
  • Jon - Love hard, Work hard
  • Mom & Dad - Love God, Love everybody
  • Grammy - Turn off the lights, Quit slammin' the doors!
     As you can see not everyone took the question as seriously as some others but it was good to think about it. With so many rules in life it's good to know which ones you personally strive to keep. As kids we receive rules in the home to keep order and allow people to be safe, to instill a general sense of morality and common curtesy but there's comes a point when we have to choose personal standards and "rules". This past year was my year for growing up and becoming an adult. I've had to go out there and figure out who I really am.What are my convictions? My standards? My rules for life? Because honestly if it's not a personal conviction what's your motivation for keeping the rules, right?
   So now I ask you, if you could only have two rules for your life what would they be? I'd love to know!

Real Life Example
     My first thought as I woke up this morning was "I have to have a doughnut!" I don't crave doughnuts very often but when I do, I really do. Maybe it was the chocolate I had right before bed last night... Or maybe the two Advil PM's that I also took right before bed. Either way I woke up with a doughnut craving, a sprinkled doughnut craving. So, guess what I had for breakfast? That's right! A doughnut! As I was eating my rainbow sprinkled chocolate covered pastry of deliciousness I thought about my rules for life. "Hm,  number one is don't be stupid... should I be eating this piece of fried dough first thing in the morning? Considering I've got to keep my girlish figure looking girlish I'd say yes so, check! And number two... If I were this doughnut and it were me I would definitely want to be eaten, check again!" And I enjoyed every bite.

     Live. Laugh. Love.