Saturday, June 1

At A Loss For Words

     This morning I woke up and was at a loss for words. Literally... I went to bed with a horrible sore throat and woke up with no voice. Oh, dear me, it has been terribly quiet all day since I haven't been able to talk to myself. I've also felt incredibly rude because on the elevator ride to the mailbox this lady asked me, "How's your day going?". I just nodded and smiled, then looked away and the rest of the 30 story elevator ride was incredibly awkward. Then I made a trip up to the laundry room and shared the elevator with a family of four.
     "Hi, how are you?"
     I nodded and smiled.
     "Havin' a good day? You got any fun plans for the weekend?"
     I smiled, nodded, pointed to my throat in an attempt to tell them I was slightly sick and had lost my voice.
     The dad then said, "Oh are you...? Aaahh." I nodded and smiled, assuming he had understood my message, but apparently he understood it a little too well cause when I looked away the guy said, "Kids, now don't stare, but that lady over there is deaf meaning she can't hear or talk. So if she looks at you just smile."
     What?! I thought as I looked up at them all. They were smiling, all of them, the kids even had grins plastered on their faces. And horror of horrors they live on our floor! So, I will probably be seeing them again very soon... Hahaha! :)
     Oh, the joys of life!

Live. Laugh. Love.

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