Thursday, June 13

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

     Whew! I just walked back from the post office and I'm finally catching my first breath in like a week! Ever since I started working from home it's been work, working, workinger, and workingest, with a little unpacking, of course.
     Jon has been working his butt off too, it's been late nights for him all week so far, but next week it will all be worth it cause we are going away on a little birthday trip for me! I'm turning 21! Some days I thought I'd never get here and on other days years have flown by in minutes.
     I've been thinking back on "little me" and her hopes and dreams and aspirations for life. She used to want to live on a ranch and raise a couple of horses, then she wanted to be a fiction writer, next was a professional portrait photographer, then an NCIS agent, and finally a teacher or counselor. Now, I'm "big me" and I live a beautiful life with my amazing husband in a sky rise condo. I'm going to school this fall to be a counselor and sometimes I still think I could be a badass NCIS agent (but only a little bit, like after I watch TV... lol!).
     It's just so amazing to me how people grow and change and adjust in every new stage in life. It takes guts to become someone, do something, and not just float by. And it takes work to figure out your dreams, search them out, and go after them. I didn't become everything that I dreamed as a little kid, but I know something in each of those areas.
     I was there when my neighbor's filly was born and spent over a year saddle training her and breaking her in. I aced every english/writing class I could get my hands on and I've written a few mini stories as well as some poetry and the beginnings of larger books. I've taken photography classes and even started a freelance business called MariePhotography, and I still do freelance work occasionally. I never got around to the agent business but I do know where every lost item is in this house and I hope one day I'll be able to whoop somebody and throw 'em down to the ground! (Oh, what a sight that will be since I'm only five feet tall!) I'm also now an incredible cook (or so I've heard) and I'm pretty good at organizing things. So, no, I didn't become everything I had dreamed as a child but, who knows, maybe each of those things will come in handy one day!
     And as I look forward to "ancient me" I see exciting things in my future still! I want to get a degree in counseling, have four children, and odyssey through Europe. I believe it's good to dream, to look forward to life, recognize good gifts when they are given, and strive for bigger and better things. I guess you can say I'm a visionary of sorts and well, honestly, I hope I'll always be that way. Here's to life and 21!

     Live. Laugh. Love.

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