Sunday, June 16

A Tribute To My Dad

     "Whoa there, slow down! You don't have to drive the speed limit on your first day! Brianna, Bri-whoa, watch that, slow down... Watch that mailbox! Ok, I think we're good, go ahead and pull over. Brianna, pull oooveer!"
     "What!? I wasn't even going any faster than the speed limit! I've driven the lawn mower for years! I totally know how to drive..." *wink, wink*

     Happy Father's Day to fathers all around the world today! As everyone celebrates these special men, I just want to say... what would we do without them? I know I would never have become the person I am today with my daddy. He is such an inspiration and example to me and I know I don't say thank you enough. Growing up, you sometimes don't see all the little sacrifices that are made, but looking back I can see clearly now what I missed before. God has given me the perfect dad, not that he is perfect, but God knew what father would be best for me and for that gift I am eternally grateful!
     From teaching me to ride a bike, drive, work hard, love people, problem solve, achieve goals, dream, pursue, be alert in my surroundings, laugh, respect myself, and live with integrity my dad has always been there for me since the beginning.
     Haha, I remember growing up he used to always sneak in an ice cold Coke from the garage after working in the yard all day on Saturdays. Occasionally one of us would walk by and hear a quiet but distinct, "Psshtt, plink!" of a Coke being opened and we'd burst through the garage door to catch him in the act. He would always give us his you-caught-me-I'm-guilty laugh and then give us a sip even though it wasn't "Coke day". He also used to invite me to watch movies with him until the wee hours of the morning and I loved being "flown" to bed as a little girl.
     Dad, you've always work hard for our family and loved each of us for who we are. You are such a great example to each and every one of your children. Thank you for your smile, laugh, determination, love, encouragement, and support. I know having a big family must be tiring at times, but you've never let that show. Thanks for being my super dad! Happy Father's Day! I love you. :)

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