Friday, March 22

All In a Day's Word - Part 1

News Flash! Top Stories Now!
"The other day the Energizer Bunny got arrested; he was charged with battery. Also, a soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper spray has now become a seasoned veteran. We had an interview with a man who's addicted to brake fluid; he assures us he can stop at anytime. Lastly, we know now how Moses makes his tea, Hebrews it. Today's news update is brought to you by Thanks, and be sure to tune in next time!"

Ghastly Grammar
Two, To, Too - I'll, Aisle - Bald, Balled, Bawled - Scents, Cents, Sense - Knot, Not - Pour, Poor, Pore - Toed, Toad, Towed - Where, Wear, Ware - Fore, For, Fore - Chord, Cored - Buy, By, Bye

     Oh, what a wonderful world vocabulary is. :) Words are incredibly important in our culture and involved in everything. It's a way to describe how we feel and list off what to buy at the grocery store. It's how we enjoy each other's company and create stories and memories. We use words to teach children history in school and to tell a friend how to bake a new recipe. But words are also life and death. We have power in our words!
     I want you to go to a mirror right now and say to your reflection, "You sound so stupid." Lol, ok so now you feel stupid right? Well hopefully you don't tell yourself that very often, but we do tell ourselves other things everyday. I've noticed that I get slightly depressed when I stand in front of a mirror too long because I start feeding myself lies. There's I'm too skinny and my hair is bleh, I wish I was taller or had a smoother complexion. Maybe we wish we were wittier, funnier, or not so much of a worry-wart. But whatever it is when we say these things to ourselves we start putting that part of us to death almost.
     We end up believing the lies we told ourselves and we become captive to these opinions. Who wants to be captive to a lie that has no place in our minds? Entrapping us into believing that God didn't make us perfect or that we have no positive abilities? That is so frustrating and humiliating and utterly depressing! For me, my whole outlook on life changes and I become sensitive and whiny and just an overall 24/7 PMS wreck, pretty much!

     Imagine what it would feel like to live free! How would you feel if you only told yourself positive things? I challenge you and I to one week of encouragement. When you look in the mirror tell yourself positive truths and encouragements and see how different you feel! When you feel a lie coming on stop and think of a truth and tell yourself that instead.
     Let's live free. 

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