Saturday, May 11

A Tribute To My Mom

     Selfless, kind, encouraging, loving, supportive, sweet, gentle, patient, helpful, giving, compassionate, fun, understanding. It's amazing how when you're a kid mom is just, We forget she has feelings and bad/good days, gets tired, and wants extra hugs. We forget she is even a human being instead of a real life super robot! But as I've gotten older and especially since I've gotten married I keep remembering the little things she did that never got noticed.
     Imagine going to the grocery store with seven extremely hungry children that just got done sitting through hour long piano lessons. Things are miraculously flying off the shelves and into the buggy because we are sooo hungry and have to have one of everything! We finally get home and unload all the groceries into the pantry and fridge, but someone still has to make dinner. "Mom! Why isn't it done yet? I'm starving...! Yeah, me too! Me three! Me four! Me five! Me six! Me seven!" (Yes, we really used to say it like that.) I'm sure mom was hungry too, but she never complained about having to make dinner, it was just always there, hot and ready. And the laundry was done, the boo-boo's were kissed, the books read aloud, quality time was had, school was taught, songs were sung, hugs were given, and her shoulder's were leaned on.
     Even the act of having a child is a hard one that no mother really complains about. I've never been scared of having kids, but the other night Jon and I were watching a movie that happened to have a very pregnant woman as one of the main characters and well let me tell you, if we had baby fever before we sure as heck don't have it now! In the movie, this woman's water broke spontaneously and she told her husband they needed to get to the hospital now, well the poor guy started freaking out about "...needing to pack, do we own diapers, did we even buy a crib, I can't even find your favorite sweatpants, honey!" while Jon and I were saying, "Oh my gosh, we are gonna be parents! Aaah, what do we do? What if we have to deliver the baby in the car?! You're gonna be in the labor room with me aren't you? What about a name!? Wait. Wait...! It's only a movie, remember?" And then we re-decided it was ok with us if we didn't want to rush things. :)
     Anyway...being a mother is a full time job and I never once heard my mom complain. She is an inspiration to me and, Mom, I've been thinking a lot about what an incredible example you have always been. I hope one day I can be as wonderful as you are and give my family the kind of love you always gave us. I love you. Happy Mother's Day!

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