Tuesday, February 5

Today, I Choose Joy

Joy is taking note of the moments that "make your day".

     This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I have no idea why and I would definitely rather wake up in a good mood, but today that was most definitely not the case. On top of that, my hair wouldn't fix, I couldn't get rid of these wrinkles in my forehead, my favorite shirt was dirty, and my Colorado-weathered face won't stop itching. While driving to work I decided coffee might do me some good then I realized I left all cash and my credit card at home. (That's one way to save money!) When I got to work it was quiet and I knew I'd be spending the day alone, just me and... well, me. I've finally made it to my lunch break and here I am, still complaining, so I figured I need an attitude change. I need to stop thinking about poor, whiny me and all my insignificant problems that keep adding up to an even worse outlook on my day.
     I am grateful I woke up to a warm, spring day. I've been super productive at work so far! I'm thankful for the breeze through the open window and the bird singing in the tree. I am having lunch with Jon today! I feel rested. I am loved.
     Jon and I have been on a budget to help us save money recently and the one day a couple weeks ago that we decide to go to Starbucks and splurge is the day God decides to bless us. The car in front bought our drinks and made our day. We've had a lot of fun days recently and on those days joy comes easy for me. I am happy, we have fun, life is good, and joy is just a given. We all have those days where even the sun seems to smile, the grass is greener, and the birds sing sweeter. But then there are days like today where it's a lot harder to be naturally happy, but today... Today, I choose joy. :)

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