Sunday, February 24

Oh, The Places We Will Go!

     I'm just relaxing here before the fire while a blizzard whistles outside and I decided to snatch up this minute to update my blog. I want to pause here and say, I love my husband. I don't mean that in a conceited, gloating way, I just mean that I can't believe God chose me to be his wife cause I am way to blessed by our marriage.
     Friday, Jon and I woke up at the butt-crack-of-dawn and went on an adventure! This was something he had planned as a surprise for me so I couldn't wait to see what he had come up with. We arrived at this place (I still had no idea where we were going) and were sitting with a group of people in a bland lobby and waited. Waited for what, I had no idea, but we waited nonetheless! After a few minutes someone came walking towards us and it was her. It was Emily from the Dom and Jane morning radio show that I listened to every morning! "Welcome to Live Audience Friday, Everybody!"
     I freaked. "Oh my gosh, Babe, are we really here? *jumping up and down* Are we really gonna be on the radio?!? *more jumping and hugging* How did you do it? This is on my bucket list! *dancing in place*
     I had told Jon a few weeks ago that it was on my bucket list to be on Live Audience Friday one day and then poof! there we were getting a tour and eating breakfast, meeting the radio team, sitting in the studio listening live, and asking questions! On every LAF show they ask the audience questions and all of Denver gets to hear about your funny/interesting talents, how you met your spouse, etc. and then you play a game called "Band or Bogus" where they tell you a real name of a band and a bogus one the radio team made up sometime during the week. If you win you get a prize, obviously. ;) Here's a soundtrack of Jon and I on the radio...!

Jon & Bri on the Radio
(We are the second and third interviewees)

     Oh man it was such a blast and worth every minute of sleep we gave up! I am truly blessed to have a husband that takes note in what I say, and really works to make my dreams come true. I never would have guessed that I'd actually be on the radio one day, but I was! Oh, and the places we will go and the things we will see as we continue to cross off our bucket list items!
     What's on your bucket list?

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