Saturday, January 26

Keeping Up With The Joneses

     Ok, you've become a kid again and you just can't wait to be 5, 10, 13, 16, 21, etc. (Do you look forward to birthdays as much when you get past 21? I think yes and Jon thinks no...) Anyway, you can't wait to wear make-up like "Susie" or shoot hoops as good as "Jimmy". You're dying to be old enough to get a car like "Roger" and attend the same college as "Brittany". We all wanted or still want to be like someone or to be doing something that the "Joneses" are doing like getting married, starting an orphanage, or traveling the world. There's always someone else's life we look at and dream about. Maybe they have the perfect family, make more money, have cooler friends, or are seemingly closer to Jesus than you are. But, there's something we've all got to realize and that is, we will never be the Joneses if we are trying to keep up with the Joneses.
     You've got a purpose and a specific life to live. There's no point in trying to live someone else's life or living in your own past/future. I keep realizing over and over and over again, throughout eight months and one day of marriage, how important it is to live inside each moment and turn them all into something special.
     The other day I was looking back at pictures on my phone of me and Jon and I can't believe how many memories and laughs and jokes we've already shared! We've gotten married, visited Jamaica, moved a few times, had countless dates, some anniversaries, gone ice skating on a lake, had our first Christmas, surprised each other with gifts, taken walks, sang songs, attempted to make homemade salt and vinegar potato chips, and more! It inspires me to think back to those sweet times and know we made the most of each second. And that we are still making the choice to live as if there is no tomorrow. It's a daily choice to really listen and consider someone else's opinions. It's a choice to go on walks and be happy and read books and have ice cream dates. I believe it's important to celebrate your marriage and your spouse, to look to your own family for inspiration and direction, to enjoy the gifts God has given you personally.
     Who cares about the Joneses?! Let's make a commitment to be the Joneses! Make your life, family, job, or school the one you look up to, the one you desire.
     Let's celebrate!

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