Friday, January 11

Geography Goof

We started out talking about something going on at the White House and Jon happened to ask me if I knew whether the White House was in Washington State or D.C. and well... the rest is history. ;)

"Hm, you know, I've never really thought about that, but my gut tells me it's in Washington State."
*slight grin* "Now, are you sure? I would hate for you to be wrong about this."
"Well considering D.C. is on the East Coast in Connecticut somewhere and gets hit by tsunamis all the time, I'm still gonna have to go with Washington State."
*burst out laughing* "Nope! It's in D.C.! Haha, Babe, how do you not know this?!
"What?! How come no one ever told me! When people say 'the President will be flying down' I always imagined he came from Washington State!"
"Lol, no he comes from D.C. Now, do you know what D.C. stands for? *eyebrow raise*
"Uuuhhhhh... direct...court? *sheepish grin*
"No, good guess though. It means District of Columbia."
*gasp!* "Colombia is in the U.S.?! That's so unethical!"
"Colombia is a country in South America."
"Like Mexico?"
"Well kinda. Mexico is a part of North America so its kinda the same. Do you know any geography at all haha? What's the capitol of Alaska?
"Wow ok, what about Missouri?"
"Uh, I only know the important ones like Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, Oklahoma, New York, and... France."
"You're kidding! What about countries or continents, do you know any of those?"
"There are seven seas!"
"You have to know this stuff! Ok, uh, what continent is Japan part of?"
"Lol nope. What if I were to say they are Asian?"
"Oh! Oh! I know! Asia!"
"Good! What about Hong Kong?"
"This is worse than I thought. Ok, I'm gonna throw a hard one at you. Have you ever heard of Liverpool?"
"Oh please! Come on, Babe, seriously... Don't make stuff up on me."
"Lovely, I would never joke with you about geography because you are already so lost that there's no way the damage could be undone."

There are few things I can blame on being homeschooled but horrible geography skills is definitely one of them. ;) Not my fault!

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