Sunday, July 28

Life As It Is

     We are just loving our downtown life! Yesterday morning we got up and had breakfast at a French cafe, Crepes N' Crepes. Last week, Jon's sister was in town and we walked and shopped and devoured the best sorbet ever! The street vendors serve the best lunches and I love being able to share them with Jon everyday. We have also been super busy working as well though. Summer is incredibly busy for me and Jon works some late nights, but he never even complains.
     According to my mom, becoming health conscientious is a sign of aging (and perfect for producing healthy grand-babies). She was ecstatic to know we are trying to live healthier; taking vitamins and eating lots more fruit, veggies, and fresh foods. We are also making green drinks each day, but our blender broke so now Jon is drinking the slimy healthy stuff straight while I suffer through a Coke instead (only 'til we get a new blender though, Scout's honor!)
     I've discovered a love for baking recently, but it's amazing to me how hard it is to come up with a dinner menu sometimes. Hhhmpph. We've been church hunting (with no luck so far) and friend hunting (which hasn't exactly worked out perfectly either) but I'm actually really enjoying this time that Jon and I have together.
     I've finally got everything unpacked and situated around the house. I know I've been a bad blogger recently but I promise it will get better soon! I'm off to dinner with Jon, but just wanted you to know I was thinking about ya!
     More updates to come soon! Live. Laugh. Love.

{the view from our front door}

{the kitchen is to the left of the front door}

                                 {we put these barstools together ourselves!}                           {I finally found a good place to display our wedding album}

{this is my favorite reading Jon's infamous pink, eternal spinning chair}

{love this couch, but the blue pillows are my faves!!!}

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