Tuesday, November 13

The Coupon Nazi

     Coupons! Oh, they are such a delightful way to get unsuspecting people to spend money they were planning on keeping in a nice safe bank somewhere. Its a chance for you to buy something you wouldn't normally buy, and you consider it only because it's on sale. It could be $5 off a dinner for two or 43¢ off a 50 pack of toilet paper but somehow the word SAVE just makes the world seem so much brighter!
     So in my case tonight, it was a free Chik-Fil-A chicken sandwich (with a  purchase of another sandwich of course). Lol I had told Jon I was feeling Chik-Fil-A and then I mentioned that I had a coupon. His response was, "Wait. Are we buying Chik-Fil-A because you have a coupon or because we feel like eating Chik-Fil-A?" I proudly responded, "Babe, we feel like eating Chik-Fil-A because I have a coupon!" Well this was a new concept for him and he thought it was hilarious! But it was so true! It had come in the mail a few days before so I'd already been dreaming of this meal for ages it seemed. No matter how hard I tried to convince myself that I didn't need to eat out, the more I wanted to "save money" by spending money to use my coupon! And I get caught every time. :)
     Every once in a while they do come in handy and man do I make good use of them! Jon jokes that he's gonna be the old man shoving the credit card into the Wal-Mart cashiers hands while I'm the little old  lady that holds everyone else up because I have to use all my coupons! And if I have a coupon for a restaurant but I forgot it at home, I can't eat at that particular place unless I have a coupon! (I was disappointed this past weekend when we went to The Outback because I had a coupon and we discovered when we were paying the bill that my coupon was only valid Monday thru Thursdays. Oh, that was such a hreatbreaker! But we enjoyed ourselves anyways)
     So I admit I'm a hopeless coupon pushover but if I am going to buy frozen veggies and there just happens to be a coupon then of course I'm going to use it!

RetailMeNot  Coupons.com
Here are some links to my favorite coupon websites. And if you can do it and not get addicted then I say, 'Happy couponing to you!"

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