Monday, November 5


Life Lesson Learned: Reviews, opinions, two cents worth, and a say in the matter are all very important, especially when looking to rent an apartment.

     This weekend, Jon and I had a day off to spend together and we decided to go apartment shopping! We weren't neccessarily ready to move out of our basement situation but we wanted to see what was out there. Now, I have to admit apartments in Denver are waaay more expensive than in Albuquerque so when we saw a sign that said some apartments were on special for a price we could afford, we decided to stop by Hocus Pocus Park Apartments* (name changed for reasons unbeknownst to even me) ;)
     Anyway, we stopped by their front office asked about pricing and specifics and utilities, etc. Then we got the Grand Tour. Jon and I became more impressed by the minute! There was an indoor basketball court, gym, pools and hot tubs, Zumba classes, a cafe, tennis courts, and multiple parks! The actual units had fireplaces and washers/dryers, dishwashers and a patio. This place was incredible! Our tour guide was nice and everyone waved as we passed by, it was the perfect place for us.
     Jon and I are firm believers in asking for an outside opinion. This seemed too good to be true, but we didn't want to get swept away by desires and emotions so we talked to my parents and asked them what they thought.

"Hey Mom and Dad! We found the perfect place and its right at our budget so we won't be able to save a lot but seriously its amazing! You should see the place!..."

     And the conversation went on. In the end, we all agreed it seemed perfect for us, but we wanted to sleep on it and pray about it. Cause there was just something about it...
     The next morning we woke up and talked about it a little. When Jon left for work I was still thinking about it and began to ask God if He thought it was a good idea. This had to be a quick decision and also a long commitment, who knew if that place was really all it was played up to be. God began to bring to mind different scenarios when we'd had to make decisions before and we got multiple opinions and reviews, so I Googled it. "Hocus Pocus Park Apartment Reviews"
     Oh My GOODNESS! You will not believe what I read! Out of like the ten review websites I pulled up almost everyone said, "Do Not, DO Not, DO NOT, live there!" Everyone had complaints about management and how nothing ever got fixed. Apparently its almost impossible to leave even if your lease is up and they slap fees on you like "Hail Mary's" in morning mass! Everyone is always drunk because of the cafe drinks and no one cares if you are married or not they just want to hook up! Plus all the major sex offenders in the area happen to live there!
     I texted Jon immediately and we were both blown away! We couldn't believe that something that looked so nice on the outside could be so rotten on the inside! This goes to say you really can't "judge a book by its cover".

     We were protected by God and other people's reviews. And I'm so glad we didn't move there. But its definitely a good reminder of why we pray about things and don't make major decisions off a whim. So, we are still living in the basement, at least for now, but you know...
     "Home is where the Heart is."

     And my heart is with Jon so we are living in the perfect place, even now. :)

Live. Laugh. Love.

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