Saturday, September 14

It's All In The Shoes

     Since I've started working from home, there have been a number of days when I wake up, go sit at my desk, and work out of my pajamas all day long. Honestly, it is a little hard for me to "get ready for the day" when I know I won't be going anywhere or seeing anyone. Oh, it is lovely, I must admit; not feeling pressured to fix my hair and makeup or change out of my comfies. Because on the days I do actually get up and get "ready" I end up feeling like I lived out that funny e-card pin I see floating around on Pinterest. The one that says, "Well I didn't do anything, go anywhere, or see anyone today. What a complete waste of makeup!".
     While it is nice and relaxing, I have found that on those pajama days I definitely can't seem to get as much done. I stay in my lazy, snuggly mood all day. I do get a few work things done...eventually, but to save my life I really couldn't tell you what else I do! I become super busy doing nothing.
     A pajama day every once in a while is fantastic! But it wears on you if you do it all the time. I know I've spent one to many days in my pajamas when I start to feel bad about myself, criticize everything, leave dirty dishes all over the counters, and become lethargic and want to eat only sour gummy worms and salt & vinegar chips. It shocks me how not getting dressed will change me in only a matter of a few days!
     The picture above really spoke to me because I've witnessed first hand how true that statement is. When I put on my "good jeans", a cute blouse, and my favorite white high heels I can conquer the world! I can talk to anyone, do anything, accomplish five task lists (Not items, but lists!). I feel confident and powerful, successful and beautiful. I feel good about being me!
     Man or woman, child or adult, we each have a monstrous desire to be respected, to have someone believe in us and our own ideas, and to not be ashamed of our unique dreams and goals. We have a right to walk around confident, uninhibited, feeling lovely and free. If my white high heels help me get to that place, then so be it because one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is feeling good in our own skin.
     What do your conquer-the-world shoes look like?

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