Wednesday, December 12

The Essence of Romancing (Part 2)

     I heard a story a few months ago and it went something like this...

     One day there was a woman who although didn't have "everything" she led quite the blessed life. She arrived at her stable job on a certain morning only to find out she had forgotten to buy bread the day before so she could make a sandwich for lunch.
     Later on that glorious sunny day, during her lunch break, she made a run to the grocers, parked her car, walked into the store, and stopped. Now have you ever had a gut feeling about something that you can't explain? Well she had one and for some weird reason felt like she needed to go to the left of the store instead of the right but that didn't make any sense because the food section was to the right.
     After contemplating a few seconds she decided to walk left and soon found herself in the diaper aisle. Over at the far end, on the right, was another woman standing alone picking out a package of diapers. "Oh dear God no. I can't! That would be to embarrassing! Turn around and don't look back." The woman kept telling herself because inside a calm Voice was telling her that the other woman needed to know she was loved and special. "Serious?! I'm going to look like an insanity case!" But still the Voice would not let up.
     The first woman finally found herself walking slowly toward the woman with the too-loose jeans and uncombed hair. "Uh, excuse me. Hi." The second woman looked toward the first woman who immediately looked away. "Seriously girl, don't do this to yourself." But there had been something in the second woman's eyes as they had made eye contact even for only a second. "Uh hi. Well I..." The first woman forced a smile at the stone cold face staring back at her. "I, well... Um you see I wanted to, uh... well I just wanted to tell you that you are loved." Shock registered in the second woman's eyes. "Oh I know this sounds weird but I just need to tell you that Jesus loves you deeply and there are still people that care for you and love you, no matter how you feel right now or what you might have heard ok." After a few awkward seconds that seemed like hours, a flood came. A flood of tears swept over the second woman as she collapsed into a heap on the floor. Finally she whispered, "Why did you say that?" "I honestly don't know but I'm sure it's true." The first woman answered back. "My husband just left me and I have a son. Since I've had to take care of him I lost my job. I've been so depressed recently and just want to give up on life. The only thing I have left to live for is my baby but I feel so alone. I grew up in the church but with everything that's happened to me, I've doubted that God is real or cares about a nobody like me. So I've been praying that if He's real that He would somehow just tell me He's still there for me; that I am loved. And then you came along..."

     Did you know God can romance you? He can share His love through song or billboard or a stranger. When we "romance" someone, when we express emotion (either our own or God's through us), to make someone feel loved or special, God is glorified.
     In marriage, I've found that sometimes it takes guts to romance your husband (or wife). It takes humility to put yourself last and to think of another. It takes courage to express emotion and put your feelings out in the open for some to treasure or destroy.
     But it also takes guts and courage and humility to accept these things as well. Each moment and encounter is a gift to be treasured and respected. There are mornings I wake up and rediscover that I'm not worthy of unconditional love, whether its from Jon or God.

     Lately I have to admit I've been a little lonely at times. I don't know anybody in this new city I'm in and when my dear Jon has to work different hours than me it gets super quiet around our apartment and its not really that fun lol. But I've just come to realize that I'm being romanced. Romanced by a God who loves me and wants to express that love but I haven't been willing to receive it. I've been filling quiet with the noise of TV or laundry or errands but now I'm ready to experience the romance in the spiritual relationship Jesus and I share. Its always hard for me to ask for help or accept it when it's given but that's a vital part of any relationship. So I say whether its the hamburger, a kind word, flowers, or a romantic getaway there needs to be a little more romancing in this world!

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